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Hey All,

My wife and I have gotten ourselves into a bit of a pickle. We bought and renovated a duplex in Tacoma, WA in 2020 before getting married in early 2021. Between the wedding and a variety of other excuses we ended up filing for an extension on our 2020 taxes but with my work as a wildland firefighter in the summer keeping us so busy we've now missed the deadline. It's not typically our MO to procrastinate like this but it is what it is at this point.

We're looking for a CPA that can help us get straight filing separately for 2020 in the short term. Additionally, we've since purchased an additional duplex in the Olympia area and are ultimately looking for a CPA we can have an ongoing relationship with for the years to come. We'd ideally find someone local but are most certainly open to better remote options. Any recs would be hugely appreciated!

Hi @Lukas Anderson ! I filed my taxes for 2020 the day before it was due this year and it was a scramble! So I totally get it. It looks like you and Mallori have been busy! Good work! My understanding is that you will be subject to a penalty, but it is what it is! Cost of being so busy and getting pulled so many directions!
I have two recommendations for you, however both might be hit or miss. 
My current CPA is a wizard and specializes in real estate, has been doing it for decades and has no qualms about getting the max deductions and defending his clients against the IRS (if/when needed) but he is SUPER busy and not a great communicator.. you can give him a try, his name is Joe Koval (solo owner/operator) and is here in the local area. Second, one of my fellow RE brokers has a trusted CPA that he has recommended to me, but he is out of state and I have no direct experience with him. His name is Petr Fesyuk (correct spelling) with PFC. Both guys specialize in real estate. If you want their direct contacts, shoot me a DM! 

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@Lukas Anderson

Congrats on the house purchase and marriage!

Just a clarity on your post, you will likely be filing as single taxpayers and not 'filing separately' since you were both married in 2021.
There is likely no penalty with the late filing if there is no payment due. However, if there is a payment due, you likely want to file ASAP to avoid any additional penalties/interest from accruing.