Asset protection option

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I currently have 5 properties in Texas under my name. I am looking to start a side business unrelated to real estate. This will require investors and is high risk.

What options do I have to protect my 5 properties and isolate them from any risk that my new venture would bring?

I thought about moving them to an LLC, but one lender said they could call back the loan and my other two said my interest rate would be higher and it would eat a lot of my cashflow.

Has anyone worked with an asset protection lawyer? Maybe insurance?

Thanks for any feedback

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With 5 properties, you have a lot of options. Depending on your leverage, I'd say that you should go blanket commercial and accept a higher rate (if at all given the discount for volume).

Your other business should be siloed in an LLC as well. Standard rules about co mingling, accounting, meeting minutes, etc. all apply. Happy to chat after you get a voucher from Charles :)