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The following rules and warnings pertain to the Real Estate Marketplace threads on BiggerPockets.

1 - Please heed extreme caution when considering any solicitations made here. While most of our posters are promoting legitimate opportunities, there are also scammers out there. We do our best to police the threads, but sometimes, things fall through the cracks.
2 - Ask Questions! If someone is unwilling or unable to answer your questions . . . look out!
3 - ALL posters are required to post in accordance with the law. If you are unaware of the laws governing posting any kind of real estate opportunity, we recommend you not post. You and you alone are responsible for the content of your posts.
4 - Be prepared to have your post critiqued or analyzed by our membership. if you post an advertisement, you should be prepared to answer ANY and ALL questions posed to you by other members. Failure to respond may result in the closure or removal of your post.
5 - If you're interested in other ad options, including advertising on our newsletter or banners on site, just fill out our advertising form and we'll get you set up.

Overall, just use common sense. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. If someone promises guaranteed returns, find out what the catch is, because there usually is one.

Lets work as a community to keep these and all of our other threads safe for one another. If you don't like something you see or read, ask questions or tell someone (moderator, admin).

Thank you.