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Get Your Land Due Diligence Report Today!

Ken Breeze
  • Investor
  • Phoenix, AZ
Posted Dec 9 2022, 18:47

Are you a busy land-flipper, developer, wholesaler, home-builder, investor, real estate agent or looking to buy land for a subdivision or your personal use?

Do you need detailed information about the property, vacant land or infill lots, but don’t want to spend hours, days and weeks to get all the answers?

Are you tired and frustrated doing the painful internet searches to find the relevant county assessor, waiting on hold on the many phone calls, to gather essential data on the parcel you’re analyzing?

Wouldn’t you rather focus on more important things?

Well, we’ve got your back! Outsource your due diligence to our team. We do this every day, all day.

Get your full Due Diligence Report on any property in the continental US, with up-to-date answers directly from the county assessors, other land specialists and data sources.

My team will run due diligence on any vacant parcel you need, in order to help you evaluate your land deals.

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Get 100+ essential questions and current data points such as:

- Zoning

- Land use

- Water, septic, electricity

- Building limits
- Road access

- Liens

- Parcel relevant covenants, restrictions, regulations

- Local utility company contact info

- Current deed

- Easement agreements

- Leases on the parcel

and so much more.

As a huge bonus, our service includes a link to your property’s 3D, interactive MapRight map, which will give you insights into things like transmission lines, wells in the area, water features, topography, nearby public land, and much more.

Take advantage of our limited time discounted offer!

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