Get to know your Chicagoland Investors

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Attention all Chicago, Milwaukee, Indiana, Joilet, Rockford, Naperville, ect investors. I saw this on another thread and stole the idea. What a great way to get to know our local investors!

Just copy and past this in your response

In State / Out of State? Currently investing in state on the North Side of Chicago but am looking into nearby out of state markets for possible new opportunities

Strategy? It has been buy and hold with good cash flow and good appreciation but maybe looking to diversify into high cash flow lower appreciation deals.

Type of properties? Multi-family now but maybe SFH soon

Looking for? To network with other investors and hear what other strategies they are doing. Also to meet flippers/agents in areas like NW Indiana or Wisconsin or Michigan that have good returns

Can offer / knowledgeable about? The Chicago market, Real Estate Brokerage, Financing, Landlording, Self Managing properties. I am also great at networking and introducing people that could be a good fit for a partnership

Great idea, @Brianna S. !

In State / Out of State? I'm currently invested in Chicago's Northwest Side. I also own a property in Charlotte, NC.

Strategy? Buy and Hold.

Type of properties? Multi-Family & Condos & Townhomes.

Looking for? Networking opportunities, potential partners, expand my knowledge.

Can offer / knowledgeable about? CMA Analysis, Brokerage, Landlording, Financing & Legal recommendations, Chicago North Side Neighborhoods.

Very cool @Brianna S.

In State / Out of State? Just getting started, and will mostly be focused on Northern burbs-Lake County, and south east Wisconsin as well. Have first flip for sale right now in Wisconsin.

Strategy? Primary goal is to Buy & Hold for cash flow, but also planning to throw a flip in when there are good opportunities to build some more capital, and just cause I love DIY & rehabbing.

Type of properties? SFH for now.

Looking for? To network with other investors and continue to learn from all the great talent and experience on BP!

Can offer / knowledgeable about? Recently just passed the test and became an IL licensed RE Broker, so can offer agent services for investors. Also have pretty strong knowledge and experience with remodeling as I mentioned.

Thanks for sharing!

Ok @Brianna :-)

In State / Out of State? I currently I would invest in the Chicagoland area.

Strategy? SFH for cash accumulation to invest in MF

Type of properties? MF & SF

Looking for? Looking for a financial partner

Can offer / knowledgeable about? I can offer my skills as a licensed and insured general contractor, licensed managing broker and licensed home inspector. I have skills in investment analysis, construction cost estimation, marketing and sales. I have extensive experience with new construction and remodeling.

In State / Out of State? Chicagoland area for buy-and-sell and FLORIDA for buy-and-hold

Strategy? Wholesaling and fix-n-flips to generate CASH to buy rental houses and lend out money to other investors

Type of properties? SFHs

Looking for? Looking for more properties to acquire (we currently buy 4 houses a month but our goal is to buy 10 houses a month)

Can offer / knowledgeable about? Deal acquisition, analysis and raising private money

In State / Out of State? I live in downtown Chicago, but invest in Indiana, which is about 30-45 minutes drive from where I live.

Strategy? Buy and hold, wholesaling and turnkey properties to my in-state and out of state investor friends

Type of properties? SFH to multi-units

Looking for? Always looking for more properties :)

Can offer / knowledgeable about? I can help people acquire turnkey properties. I have built a great team of agents, contractors, property managers, maintenance guy, so I can help with those areas also.

In State / Out of State? In state, Looking at cheaper suburbs for now.

Strategy? Wholesale, keep a job until I build credit history and get funding to do flips and holds

Type of properties? SFH

Looking for? anything

Can offer / knowledgeable about? Just became a broker, can give you possible leads/ deals Chicago area