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I am looking for lenders who are willing to refinance rental properties with no seasoning requirement. 

I am looking to cash out refinance some properties and also payoff a property. 


Greetings Sujit,

Please review my profile and revert back. I may be able to assist you.


Do you do cash out refinancing?

I have 9 houses I have taken over from the seller as a partner.

He will quit claim the houses to me. I need to pay the $380K he owes on the mortgages. Property would be worth approx $500K.

The houses are all rented and cash flow about $6300/month.

I am looking to pay of my partner's loan and get some cash out.

There is also a house I bought for $7.5K that I rehabbed and rented out. Looking to sell for $29.9K. My backup plan if this does not sell is to cash out refinance it.

Finally I just bought Aaron house that I will be rehabbing. Got hard money to fund it. $40K for purchase and rehab. Will sell for about $100K. I would like pay of the lender when rehab is complete to save on interests.

Would you be able to help on any of these?



Hello Sujit,

Sounds doable. I will PM you now.

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