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I believe when a REI Student is motivated and can get their first deal finished in 90 days, they are off to the races.

Information overload is a big problem, leading to INACTION.

A Confused Mind Says NO!

So I break it down in this syllabus


REI Education Syllabus

Sections Overview



Sections Overview


Can This Really Be Done?

You Don't Need Money or Credit

Buying Your Own Home

Your Current Job and Becoming Financially Free

Course Materials

What This System Covers

What This System Doesn't Cover

Understanding the Category Success System

What Is The Category Success System?

The Deal Categories

The Action Categories

How the System Works

Why the Category System Is Important

The Deal Categories

Know Your Exit Strategy

Choosing the Right Exit Strategy

Deal Category 1 "Wholesaling"

Getting Started As A Beginner

Types of Properties to Invest In

Advantages of Wholesaling

Disadvantages of Wholesaling

Deal Category 2 "Retailing"

Overview of How to Retail A House

Types of Properties to Invest In

Advantages of Retailing

Disadvantages of Retailing

Deal Category 3 "Seller Financing"

The Deal Is In the Terms

Creating No Qualify Financing

Types of Seller Financing

Why Sellers Will Give Seller Financing

Giving the Seller Debt Relief

Buying a Property "Subject To"

Sellers Who Will Walk Away

Due-On-Sale Clauses

Types of Properties to Invest In

Advantages of Buying "Subject To"

Disadvantages of Buying "Subject To"

Seller Held Mortgages

Second Mortgages

A Wrap around Mortgage

Advantages of a Seller Held Mortgage

Disadvantages of a Seller Held Mortgage

Agreement for Deed

What Is an Agreement for Deed

Buying Under an Agreement for Deed

Selling Under an Agreement for Deed

Types of Property to Invest In

Advantages of an Agreement for Deed

Disadvantages of an Agreement for Deed

Lease Options

What Is A Lease Option?

Why Sellers Will Do A Lease Options

When To Lease Option A Property

Making Money with Sub-Lease Options

Finance Terms Create Value

Get Up To Three Paydays

Types of Properties to Invest In

Lease Option with Repairs

Advantages of Lease Optioning With Repairs

Disadvantages of Lease Optioning With Repairs

Advantages of Lease Options

Advantages to the Tenant/Buyer

Advantages to the Seller

Advantages to the Investor (Sub-Lease Options)

Selling With Lease Options V s. Renting Out Properties

Disadvantages of Lease Options

Standard Options

What Is an Standard Option

Your Objective

Control with Little or No Money, Or Risk to You or the Seller

Types of Property to Invest In

Advantages of Options

Disadvantages of Options

Deal Category 4 "Rentals"

Cash Flow Is King

Let the Government Pay the Rent

Types of Properties to Invest In

Advantages of Owning Rentals

Disadvantages of Owning Rentals

Deal Categories Review

The Action Categories

What Are The Action Categories?

Taking Action in the Right Order

Getting Your Ducks in A Row

Identify Your Weaknesses

Implementing the Category Success System

Step 1 - Learn the System

Step 2 - Decide What You Want To Do and Set Goals

Step 3 - Take Action

Getting Organized and Setting Up Shop

Making a Space to Work

Tools of the Trade

Action Guide Workbook

Setting Goals


Quiz Answer Key




Purpose of This Section

Understanding Creative Finance Strategies

Know the Money Sources

Addressing Credit Issues

The Truth about No Money Down

Introduction to Creative Finance Strategies

1. Investment Strategies Requiring "No Financing"

Flipping Real Estate

Using A Standard Option

2. Structuring Deals around the "Existing Financing"

Buying "Subject To"

Wrap Around Mortgages

Agreement for Deed

Lease Options

3. Investments That Require "New Financing"

When Do You Need New Financing?

Retailing Category

Rentals Category

Determining Which Finance Strategy to Use

Factors That Determine the Deal Category & Financing Strategy

1. The Seller's Needs

2. Any Existing Financing

3. The Property's Condition and Location

4. Your Financial Abilities

5. Your Personal Investment Goals

Creative Home Buying Strategies

Getting Creative

Flexible Bank Loans

The "Short Sale" Strategy

What Is A Short Sale?

When & Why Lenders Will Do A Short Sale?

When Will Lenders Not Do A Short Sale?

Can I Do A Short Sale With No Money Or Credit?

Properties That Are Good Short Sale Candidates

How Much Do I Offer On A Short Sale?

Finance Strategies for Selling



Lease Options

Strategies Not To Use When Selling & Why

Strategies for Making Money On 100% Fin. Properties

Don't Give The Seller Any Money!

Subject To

Agreement for Deeds & Lease Options

Short Sales

Strategies for Getting Cash Back At Closing

Where Does The Money Come From?

The Seller

Money You Borrow

Your Buyer

Financing Sources

The Seller as a Source of Financing

Simultaneous Financing

Selling Note Payments

Future Discounting


Important Issues Regarding Conventional Bank Financing

Bank Financing For Investors

Bank Financing For Homebuyers

Mortgage Brokers

What Is A Normal Brokerage Fee?

Pre-Qualifying Your Buyers

Get Pre-Qualified Yourself

Loan Pre-Approval vs. Final Loan Approval

Hard Money Mortgage Brokers

Hard Money Terms

Getting Money For Repairs

Credit Requirements

Hard Money Is Cheap!

Documents Required

Getting Your Wholesale Buyers Financed

Hard Money Private Lenders

Private Lenders Are Not Partners

Partners vs. Lenders

Have Multiple Lenders

The Money Circulates

Finding Private Lenders

Working With Partners

When Not To Partner with Someone

Determining To Partner or To Borrow

Using Your or Someone Else's IRA to Buy Real Estate

"Custodians" And "Self Directing"

You Don't Need Money In Your IRA To Buy Real Estate!

Growing Your IRA without Making Contributions

Allowable Investments

Prohibited Transactions

Choosing the Right TPA

Borrowing or Lending Money Using an IRA Account

Buying Property Using an IRA Account

Buying Discounted Notes

Wholesaling Properties with Your IRA

Retailing Properties with Your IRA

Lease Optioning Properties with Dourer

Rental Properties in Your IRA Account

When Not To Buy Property in Your IRA

Opening an IRA Account

Credit Cards and Lines Of Credit

Supplementing Your Other Financing Sources

Bank Credit Cards

Home Improvement Center Credit Cards

Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOC Loans)

Signature Loans

Using Co-Signers

Credit Repair

Credit Repair for Real Estate Investors

Your Personal Credit

Your Buyer's Credit

Understanding Your Credit Report

Getting a Copy of Your Credit Report

Credit Bureau Contact Information

Check All Three Repositories

Contents of a Credit Report

Things That Affect Your Credit Score

Disputing Things off Your Credit

Disputing Inaccuracies

Removing Old Information

Follow Up After 30 Days

Paying Things off Your Credit

Dealing with Charge Offs

Paying Off Overdue Accounts in a Lump-Sum

Making Monthly Payments as Payoff

Things to Know When Negotiating

Past Bankruptcies

Defaulted Student Loans

Building Stronger Credit

Strengthening Your Current Credit References

Adding Information to Your Credit Report

Establishing New Credit

Avoiding Future Credit Problems

Letters to Credit Bureaus

Letter Requesting Copy of Your Credit Report

Letter Dispute Information on Credit Report

Letter Remove Old Information

Letter Remove Spouse's Information

Letter Remove Unauthorized Inquiries

Letter Follow Up 30 Days after Dispute

Letter Add Account Information

Letters to Creditors

Letter Report Spouse's Information

Letter Dispute Credit Card Charge

Letter Dispute Information on Account

Letter Dispute Amount Owed

Letter Negotiate Payment of Charge Off

Letter Payment of Charge off At a Discount

Complaint Letter to Federal or State Agency

Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 182

To Do List



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sections Overview


Purpose of This Section

Overview of Topics Covered

Using the Term "Contract"

How we’ll Go over the Agreements and Forms

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Using Your State Approved Sales Agreement

When to Right Up A Sales Agreement

Filling Out A Purchase and Sale Agreement

The Purchase Price

Binder Deposits

Closing Costs

Time for Closing

Making Offers on Bank Properties

Using Weasel Clauses

Seller's Attorney Review

Documents to Include With Your Offer

Include Your Contact Information

Memorandum of Agreement

Required Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

 Seller’s Landlord’s Disclosure - Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Wholesaling Category Agreements

Assigning Your Purchase Contract

Setting Up A Double Closing

Double Closings on Bank Owned Property

Assignment of Agreement

Double Closing1 - Purchase HUD1

Double Closing1 - Sale HUD1

Double Closing2 - Purchase of Bank Property HUD1

Double Closing2 - Hard Money HUD1 Closed Separately

Authorization to Release Loan Application Status

Retailing Category Agreements

The Contractor Agreement

Listing Agreements

Once you’ve Sold the Property Yourself

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Authorization to Release Loan Application Status

Contractor Agreement

Addendum to Listing Agreement

Authorization to Release Loan Application Status

Seller Financing Category Agreements

"Subject To"

The Purchase and Sale Agreement

Seller's Due-On-Sale Acknowledgement

The Quit Claim Deed to Trustee

Get an Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

Get A Limited Power Of Attorney

Updating the Insurance Coverage

Controlling the Escrow Account

If The Mortgage Company Calls the Loan Due

Addendum to Purchase and Sale Agreement

Quit Claim Deed to Trustee

Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

Limited Power Of Attorney Regarding Real Estate

 Insurance Letter (Adding Additionally Insured)

Escrow Letter

Letter to Mortgage Company

Seller Held Mortgages ("Wraps" - AITDs)

Drawing up Mortgage Documents

Terms to Consider

A Wrap around Mortgage


Mortgage Note

Wrap around Mortgage Rider

Agreement for Deed

The Agreement for Deed Document

Making Sure the Payments Are Made On the Seller's Mortgage

Adding Yourself as Additionally Insured

Checking the Title

Recording the Agreement

Don't Sell Under an Agreement for Deed

 Agreement for Deed

Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

Collection Account Agreement

nsurance Letter (Adding Additionally Insured)

Lease Options

Lease Option When Buying

Agreements Used

Setting Up A Lease Option Agreement When Buying

The Purchase Price

The Payment Amount

Getting Rent Credits

The Deposit Amount Down

The Term

Preparing For A Sandwich Lease Option

Protecting Yourself

Lease Option Agreement

Collection Account Agreement

Lease Option Deposit Receipt

Insurance Letter (Adding Additionally Insured).

Notice to Renew Lease Option

Notice to Exercise Purchase Option

Lease Options When Selling

Two Separate Agreements

Factors to Consider When Doing Sub-Lease Options

Agreements Used

The Lease Agreement

The Lease Payment

The Term

The Lease Deposit

The Tenant's Purchase Option Agreement

The Option Sales Price

The Option Fee

Giving Rent Credits

Required Disclosures

Sub-Lease Optioning With Repairs

Advantages of Lease Optioning With Repairs

Disadvantages of Lease Optioning With Repairs

How Much Work Is Too Much?

Drawing Up the Repair Addendum Agreement

Paying For Materials

Protecting Yourself

Avoiding Lease Option Pitfalls

Common Mistakes

Tenant/Buyer "What Ifs"

Lease Agreement

Tenant's Purchase Option

Repair Addendum (Includes Loan for Materials)

Repair Addendum (Tenant's Responsibility)

Tenant's Lease Deposit Receipt

Receipt for Tenant's Non Refundable Option Fee

Authorization to Release Loan Application Status

Master Lease Options on Small Multi's - Apartments

NOI - What is It?

Cap Rate - What is that?

Marketing to Sellers - Owners

Negotiating with Sellers - Owners

Standard Options

The Option Fee

The Term

Seller's Right to Continue Marketing

Exercising the Option

Standard Option Agreement

Notice to Exercise Option to Purchase Real Estate

Rentals Category Agreements

Tenant's Application

Denial Letters

The Standard Lease Agreement

Section 8 Documentation

Moving Tenants In and Out

Itemized Security Deposit Deductions

Offering a Rent Discount

Giving Notice of Past Due Rent

Rental Application

Application Denial Letter

Standard Lease Agreement

Standard Lease Deposit Receipt

Move In-Out Form

Itemized Security Deposit Deductions

Pre-Payment Rent Discount

Notice of Past Due Rent

Short Sale Agreements

Setting Up the Purchase with the Seller

Short Sale Disclosure Form

Get A Quit Claim Deed

Two Different Purchase and Sale Agreements

Giving the Seller Money as Part of the Sale

The Escrow Letter

Seller's Hardship Letter

Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

Limited Power Of Attorney

Going Over the Documents with the Seller

Doing the Short Sale

Contacting the Lender

What Not To Say

What to Say

Dealing With Second Mortgages & Junior Lien Holders

The Short Sale Package

What to Include In the Short Sale Package

What Not To Include In the Short Sale Package

Your Cover Letter

Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

The Initial HUDI

Provide Proof of Funds

Seller's Pay Stubs, Bank Statements and Tax Returns

Listing Agreement

Financing Denial Letter

Repair Estimates

Supplying Comparable Sales

Ordering A BPO

Submitting the Package

Waiting For A Response

What If The Bank Says No?

Short Sale Disclosure

Quit Claim Deed

Bill Of Sale for Personal Property

Sample Hardship Letter

Authorization to Release Mortgage Information

Limited Power Of Attorney Regarding Real Estate

Sample Short Sale Letter from Lender

Sample Cover Letter to Lender

Sample Counter Offer Fax

Land Trust Agreements

What Is A Land Trust?

Purpose of Using Land Trusts

Benefits of Using Land Trusts

Disadvantages of Using Land Trusts

The Documents Involved

Filling Out the Trust Agreement

Preparing the Deed

About The Trustee

About Being a Beneficiary

The Beneficiaries Agreement

Operating a Land Trust

Selling the Trust Property

Using A Land Trust as an Investor

Using A Land Trust as A Home Owner

Trust Agreement

 Warrantee Deed to Trustee

Beneficiaries Agreement

Assignment of Beneficial Interest

Letter of Direction to Trustee

Resignation of Trustee

Notice of Termination of Trustee

Affidavit of Resignation & Appt. Of Successor Trustee

Trustee's Affidavit

Partnership Agreements

The Definition of A Partnership

Forming A Partnership

Partnering Under A Land Trust

Joint Ventures

Limited Partnerships

What about General Partnerships?

Joint Venture Agreement

Limited Partnership Agreement

Action Guide Workbook

To Do List



Sections Overview


Purpose of This Section

Building A "Contact Team"

Business Contacts

Title Companies

Title Companies That Understand Investors

Title Companies as A Source of Contacts

Questions to Ask Title Companies

Real Estate Agents

A Real Estate Agent vs. A Realtor®

A Buyer's Broker vs. A Seller's Broker

Understanding Brokerage Commissions

What Is the MLS

Identifying the Right Real Estate Agents

Things to Say When Talking To Agents

Things Not To Say When Talking To Agents

Questions to Ask


"Subject To" Appraisals

Finding the Right "Subject To" Appraiser 1

Standard Appraisals


Types of Repairmen You'll Need

Using Unlicensed Repairmen

Finding Quality Repairmen Drawing Up an Agreement

Other Business Contacts

Insurance Agent



A Termite Man


Money Contacts

Local Bank Lenders

Local Banks Can Have Great Rates and Fees

Locating the Right Banks

Questions to Ask

Mortgage Brokers

Regular Mortgage Brokers

Questions to Ask Mortgage Brokers

Hard Money Brokers

Questions To Ask Hard Money Brokers

Private Lenders

Finding Private Lenders Who Are Already Doing Loans

Questions to Ask Private Lenders

Finding Potential New Lenders

Answering a New Lender's Questions

Sample Letter "Private lender with a loan in foreclosure”

Sample Letter "Private lender whose loan was recorded"


Finding Partners

How Many Partners Or Lenders Should You Find?

One Partner or Lender per Deal

Investor Contacts

Investor Associations

Other Investors

Working With Other Investors

Creating Buyers Lists

Locating Other Investors

Questions to Ask Investors

Action Guide Workbook

Building Business Contacts

Building Money Contacts

Building Investor Contacts


Quiz Answer Key




Staying Focused On the Category Success System

Overview of Topics Covered

Learning Your Local Market

Wholesale Deal Category

Retailing Deal Category

Seller Financing & Lease Options Deal Category

Rentals Deal Category

Study Other Investors

Finding Deals

Getting Started

What Makes A Good Investment?

It's A Numbers Game

Business Cards

What Should Your Card Say?

What to Do With Your Card

Other Investors

There Is Money in It for Everyone

Locating Other Investors


Identify All Your Local Papers

Newspapers Online

Become A Subscriber

When, Where, & What to Look For

Placing "I Buy Houses" Ads

Ad Suggestions

What Days to Run Your Ad

Answering Ad Calls

MLS Listings

What to Use a Real Estate Agent For?

U sing The Right Agents

Getting Access to the MLS

What to Search For

Expired MLS Listings


Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Phase 1 - Pre-Foreclosure

Phase 2 - The Foreclosure Auction

Phase 3 - Bank Owned REO's, Post Foreclosures

VA & HUD Foreclosures

Vacant Houses

You Have No Competition

Looking For Vacant Houses

Once At A Property

Tracking Down the Owner

Hard To Find Owners

You've found the Owner, Now What?

Condemned Properties

Why Does A Property Get Condemned?

Getting A List of Condemned Properties

Contacting the Owner

Tax Sales

What Is A Tax Sale?

Buying Tax Certificates

Pre- Tax Sale Deals

The Tax Sale Auction


Auction Notices

Getting On Mailing Lists

Going To an Auction


What Is Probate?

Searching the Probate Legal Notices

Looking At the Probate Records

Contacting the Estate

Buying Property from the Estate

Eviction Listings

Why Eviction Listings?

Legal Newspapers

Checking the Courthouse

Civil Process Servers

Making Contact

Buying Properties While Tenants Are Being Evicted

Using the Internet

The Website

Real Estate Agent Websites

Investor Websites

Local Resources Online

Bandit Signs

What Is A Bandit Sign?

Should You Use Bandit Signs?

Car Signs

Is A Car Sign For You?

What Should A Car Sign Say?

Bird Dogs

What Is A Bird Dog?

Hiring a Bird Dog

How Much Should You Pay A Bird Dog?

Pre-Qualifying Sellers Over the Phone

What Is A Motivated Seller?

Flexible Sellers

Deal Only With Motivated Sellers

Your Objective

Identifying the Sellers Needs

Create A Solution Based On the Sellers Needs

Pre-Qualifying Sellers Over the Phone

Can You Steal It?

Can You Create No Qualify Financing?

Starting At the Top

Assume the Property "Subject To"

Seller Held Mortgage

Offering a Lease Option

Option the Property

Is The Seller Ready To Sign?

Viewing Property

Meeting Private Sellers

Viewing Listed Property

Viewing Bank Owned Property

Seeing Past the Needed Repairs

Estimating Repairs

Different Types of Rehabs

Estimating Repairs Properly

Estimating Exterior Repairs

Estimating Interior Repairs

Drawing Up an Estimate

Estimating the Property's Value

Estimate the "After Repaired" Value

Methods of Estimating Value

Getting Comp's

Running the Numbers

Calculating Deals

Determining the Exit Strategy First

Calculating Wholesale Deals

Calculating Retail Deals

Calculating Seller Financed Deals

Calculating Rental Deals

Submitting the Offer

Submitting Offers to Private Sellers

Submitting Offers To Banks

It's A Numbers Game

Don't Sit Around Waiting

Have A Follow-Up System

Executing Your Exit Strategy

Executing a Wholesale Category Deal

Knowing What to Flip For

Lining Up Hard Money for Your Buyer

Calling Your Buyers List

Running an Ad

Showing Flip Properties

You Found A Buyer!

Closing the Deal

What If A Can't Flip The Deal?

Executing a Retail Category Deal

Getting the House Ready To Sell

Putting Up Signs

Running Newspaper Ads

Answering Calls

Meeting Buyers and Showing Houses

You Found A Buyer

Getting the Buyer to the Closing Table

Executing a Seller Financing Category Deal

Finding Seller Finance Buyers

Pre-Qualifying Seller Finance Buyers

Getting the Tenant buyer To Exercise Their Option

Building A Rental Portfolio

Rehabbing Rentals Properly

Finding Tenants

Screening Tenants

Processing A Rental Application

Managing Your Rental Properties

In Closing

You Can Do It!

Take Action and Put This System to Work

Continue Learning

Let Us Know Of Your Success

Forms and Tools

Sample Business Cards

Letter to Expired Listings

Letter to Pre-Foreclosures

Vacant Property Worksheet

Vacant Property Notice

Vacant Property Door Hanger Flier

Vacant Property Letter

Vacant Property Letter to Out Of Town Owner

Condemned Property Letter

Tax Sale Letter

Probate File Worksheet

Personal Representative Letter

Probate Attorney Letter

Eviction Listing Worksheet

Eviction Listing Letter

Property Information Worksheet

Motivated Seller Questionnaire Checklist

Repair Estimate Worksheet

Property Value Worksheet

Offer Calculation Worksheet

Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet

Sample Fax Offer Letter

Property Marketing Log

Buyer Pre-Qualification Worksheet

Action Guide Workbook

To Do List


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I give you 1 on 1 coaching for 12 months, 2 hours on the phone every week

I set goals for you that you can reach fast

I help you with websites for buyers, sellers and JV Partners

You do NOT get overwhelmed or confused

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I have many people who have been BURNED before, I am so sorry about that, I do not burn my students.

I give a conditional guarantee:

Whatever you pay me in coaching fees, I will REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL under the condition you actually follow the advice and WORK HARD for 12 months.  You can not give up.  You must talk to sellers and buyers and agents as I teach you.  You can have more coaching time if you get sick or injured.  I reserve the right to cap my coaching with you over 100 hours 1 on 1.  You can buy more hours.

RE: Deal Splits, many coaches split deals up to $500,000.00, 

I do not.

You pay me, you get the coaching, You keep 100% of your profits.

If you are broke, I can not help you.  

You need $10K to start, some for coaching, some for marketing.  It depends on the split.

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