Why Pay The Gurus $41,000 When You Can Learn House Flipping For FREE

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Why pay the gurus a few hundred bucks, a few thousand dollars or in one case...$41,000 to learn their "secrets" when you can learn HOUSE FLIPPING for FREE (and no RISKS)?


Become MY Project Manager-Intern and you will learn how to FIX-n-FLIP a house from start to finish. Right now we have several projects in various stages of acquisition and renovation. As our Project Manager-Intern, you will learn:

1. How our acquisition team analyzes deals (what they look for, how they calculate the numbers, how they decide which one is a deal and not, etc.)

2. How our General Contractors estimate repairs

3. How to manage the renovation process so it's on-time and on-budget

4. How to sell properties through innovative marketing and selling techniques

5. How to manage the real estate closing process by coordinating with our buyers, our real estate attorney and our title companies

This is a 3-month internship program that can be extended to 6 months if I like your performance and contribution to my company. Depending on how well you perform as an intern, this could lead to a permanent Project Manager role (in 3 months) with my real estate company where you get paid a profit share in every FIX-N-FLIP you manage.

As a Project Manager intern, you report directly to me, and work in our Downers Grove office. You get to attend 2 trainings I give every week (Wednesdays and Thursdays). You get to ask me any questions you have and you get to know how I think and how I look at deals.

Oh, and you get to participate with my $1M in 12 months goal.

If you can devote at least 3 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm over the next 3 months, then seriously consider becoming my first ever Project Manager-Intern.

If you are:

1. Super passionate about real estate investing

2. Highly organized

3. Good in dealing with people; and

4. Honest and have integrity in your dealings

then email me your resume at [email protected]

It does not matter even if you have ZERO experience in real estate or in project management. I am looking for the right person with the right attitude whom I can bring to a high "altitude" in terms of profit and real estate education.

If you want to change your life NOW, this is your chance to get real world real estate education (not "hyped up guru education) and convert your passion in real estate into a profitable venture. Email me NOW your resume, your phone number and the days and times best to call you at [email protected]

If I still lived in the area, this would be AWESOME!

Amy, that would be awesome.

Guys and gals, there will only be ONE Project Manager-Intern for now. As we get more projects, we need more people. Right now, this is your one chance to do this. Out of all the applicants, I can only choose ONE person for our Chicago operation.

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