Great Investment Property for Sale! Prince Georges County, MD

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Property for sale in Temple Hills, MD.  It is located in the Good Hope Hills subdivision.  The last sold price within that subdivision was $182,500.  It is a semi-detached home with a taxable living area of 988 sqft.  The property was acquired via tax sale.  It will cost about $75k for a complete rehab.  Pics of outside of home available upon request.  Per neighbor, previous owner was a hoarder.  Please email me with any questions.  Serious buyers only!!! Need a quick close.  Don't let this great opportunity slip through the cracks...submit an offer now!

Hi Madrienne,

Is this property still available? We are cash buyers based out of NY though operate in 30+ states. Please let me know if we are able to obtain more info.

Thank You

The property is still available.  

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