Searching for Private Money + Equity Partner in Maine

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Evaluating several investment properties and happy to provide details as my analysis in finished (complete with a BP Rental Property Calculator); however, would like to prepare the basics for a structured  "private money partnership"...please advise if you could be interested in the following (deal by deal):

Private money partner to provide RE purchase money and take back a 1st not to exceed 70% LTV

Initially I could provide down payment or rehab cost in cash but I'd rather not as it is not in endless supply

Would like a rate a 1 - 3 points above current mortgage rate

Will agree to a % of equity upon sale bringing the total return at or above typical private money rates

Balance of mortgage money + agreed % equity paid in 5 year balloon

The above is an example with term, rates, and % equity to be determined based on the merits of each deal.

Other About me:  Strong Credit, employed with solid W2 income (I am not trying to live off of RE investments focused on building retirement)

So, two questions 

1) Please advise if you are a potential "private money partner" willing to use this as a framework

2) Appreciate any advise from BPer's on this approach or modifications you may suggest