Have You Heard?

I'm not sure if you have heard or not, but this next week, June 1st-5th is "Investor Week!" on The Red Pill Investor Podcast!!  5 straight days of powerful interviews of Realtors® who Invest, Wholesaling Investors who have created a duplicatable, repeatable wholesaling business and more!

We start each episode with a powerful quote to make sure we get that mindset right, then we dive right in to their production for the first 6 months of the year.  

I'm not going to relent on these interviews either! I am going to dig deep and get the answers YOU want to know!! 

As we close each interview, I will ask my guest to share with you 3 ideas that you can use in your business today to get more clients and customers today!

Best part of all, I have them keep it under $100!! So you know it's ACTIONABLE!!

Time To "Gear UP!!!" 

We start on "Money Monday!!!" June the 1st with a POWERFUL Investing Realtor® who currently has 50 properties closed... and 48 pending!!!

Visit me at www.TheRedPillInvestor.com to hear over 420 episodes of sales specific podcasts about how to sell real estate! Especially next week!  

Have a Powerful Sales Day!!