As an agent you only have so much time in the day and finding quality investment opportunities for your investors can prove to be a challenge. You may have your local investors who ask you about investing in markets outside your area of expertise and you are unclear on how to uncover investment opportunities for them. This can be an opportunity lost or you lose control of your clients by passing them on to a local agent for a small referral fee.

Strongbrook Real Estate is offering a new program for licensed brokers and agents who specialize in working with real estate investors. In your personal network do you work with investors who want deals with built in equity or deals with positive cash-flow income? Are you looking for opportunities to bring to your local investors in markets outside of your area of expertise?

By becoming an Approved Agent or Broker you will be able to leverage Strongbrook’s Real Estate's Investment Organization’s size and negotiating power as a group to bring your personal network of investors better deals, in markets all around the country and earn referral and marketing fees equivalent to full cooperating commissions.

Not a real estate agent and want to learn about this lucrative field?

We have THE solution!

Expands your reach for property inventory into the best markets in the nation, and transforms your idle client database into active real estate investors.
Leverage the expertise, relationships, and infrastructure of Strongbrook’s entire professional team whose focus is:

1) Training new and existing real estate investors how to create a custom game plan for retirement by conservatively purchasing cash flowing properties in the best markets.

2) Providing investors “ready-to-buy” properties.

3) Assisting investors in managing and maintaining monthly cash flow and profit.

Strongbrook does all of this for you!

Your clients will receive the best service and a carefully crafted step-by-step process for real estate investing success.
Are you ready to increase your real estate transactions and revenue?

You Can Do It!

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