Wanna know how we live in a $300K+ house for only $600/month?

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So... If you want to know how we live in this house (that we own) and only pay $600/month... You've gotta be on my webinar tomorrow night at 7 pm EST. Here is the link (https://realestatefreedombiz.clickfunnels.com/webinar-registrationx7z22f3j) to register, and of course there will be a replay available for 2 days.  Just be sure to sign up so that you automatically get the replay link.

Plus, I'll be sharing all the down and dirty details of how we built a real estate portfolio worth $1.35M with just $35K of our own funds...

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

: )


Hi, Ashley

Anything around NC state please feel free to reach out to me if you have anything.

Thank you

Hey @Craig Brooksby !

Thanks for the reply.  I'm not actually a real estate agent. I am excited to share our investing story with other people who might want to copy our strategies.

Interested in joining the webinar?


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