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Contact me if you are in Athens Georgia home of UGA.

Job Posting Details

  • City: ATHENS
  • State: Georgia
  • Remote position: no
  • Company: Top Performing Properties LLC
  • Experience: Must have 3 main Qualifications. 1. Must be physically located in Athens GA Area 2. HUSTLE and 3. HUSTLE I don't care if you are young, old, experienced or not, all that matters is committing to the process. You want to be a Real Estate Jedi, then Yoda I am.
  • Skills: Rocky Balboa minus the actual boxing gloves
  • Benefits: I WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR MONEY, only your time.
  • Benefits: Knowledge by the boatloads. Commission only. We split profits from deals we do.
  • How to apply: PM me on Bigger Pockets
  • Part time
  • Full time
  • Contract time

Interesting how in our area right now there are companies trying to sucker in newbies and charge thousands to drip out the knowledge and deals that I'm offering in this post.  I know this because I've been to a few of their pitches.  Talked with "senior management" in their organizations and they have done fewer deals than I have... Fewer types of deals... don't know my market...

I'm the first to admit that I have a ton to learn, and I LOVE BP because of the massive quantity and quality of the knowledge and network.  Some of these gurus really take advantage of folks.  GO BP! 

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