We LEND Hard Money to NEWBIES!

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If you are a newbie investor, most likely you encountered hard money lenders and private lenders who tell you:

"Sorry but we don't lend money to newbies."

The typical hard money lender only lends hard money to rehabbers who have done at least 3 deals or more.

Fortunately for you, we are not your typical hard money lenders.

We lend to newbies. If you're a newbie and you want to do your first fix-n-flip so you can finally be a real estate investor, email Jai, the head of our lending operations at [email protected]

We lend in the following states:

1) AZ – Arizona
2) CA - California
3) CO – Colorado
4) CT – Connecticut
5) FL – Florida (entity borrowers only)
6) GA – Georgia
7) IL – Illinois
8) MD – Maryland
9) MI – Michigan
10) MO – Missouri
11) NC – North Carolina
12) NV – Nevada
13) NY – New York
14) OH – Ohio (entity borrowers only)
15) OR – Oregon
16) PA – Pennslyvania
17) SC – South Carolina
18) TN – Tennessee
19) TX- Texas
20) VA – Virginia (entity borrowers only)
21) WA – Washington
22) WV – West Virginia

By the way, there is a hard money lender who lends to newbies too but they charge 8 points and 18% interest. Ouch! Don't fall for that super expensive money. Contact Jai NOW and make your dream a reality.