The US Treasury is expected to raise rates and Mortgage Companies are sending out Ads for you to refinance your loan. DON'T DO IT! I recently learn that when you do that the loan starts over and you start paying interest again plus you add about 50,000 to your mortgage over time. If you borrow $15,000 dollars on a line of credit and paid it toward your principle you would save about $60,000 dollars off your mortgage.I am reaching out because I recently started working with a Dynamic Real Estate Investment Group that just showed me that and how to pay 2/3 less taxes the rest of my life. . . it made such an impression on me that I am giving my Fellow BiggerPockets Community a chance to see the same stuff and do the same." The Guru won't share this information with you.They are also setting me up to pay my mortgage off in 8 years using my current income and helping me restructure my retirement to get constant double digit returns. Just checking in with those friends, family and Blessed people to see who might be interested.

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