Many BPers trust my advice.


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I am offering 1 on 1 coaching for 1 person at a discount.

Here is a basic outline:


50 percent off Regular Tuition for 1 on 1 REI coaching for 12 months

$3500 up front

$7000 ordinarily

Maximum 100 hours over 50 weeks, 2 hours per week
12 month contract for 1 on 1 real estate investing coaching with conditional guarantee

Subjects taught

1. Lease with option, lease purchase, sandwich lease option Education

2. Sub 2 with and without notes Education

3. Wraps All inclusive trust deeds Education

4. Contract for deed - installment sales contract Education

5. Property Trusts Education

6. Private Lending Education

7. Joint Venture Partner Education

8. Negotiating with home sellers Education

9. Cash Buyers for Wholesaling Marketing

Marketing for Houses - basically free marketing for the first three months, then using profits from deals for direct-mail and Google Adsense, budgeting 500 to 1000 a month, but not for 3 months.

Full Courses you learn over 12 months is at link

Conditional guarantee is this: if you do exactly what I tell you to do regarding talking to Sellers, Buyers, Real Estate agents, etc. and implement the training, then if you fail to produce enough income to reimburse you for the 1 on 1 training, I will reimburse you the full $3500 that you pay me for the training.

  • You cannot ask for a refund during the first 12 months.
  • You must do the work.
  • You must be on time for your one on one coaching sessions.
  • You cannot have a negative attitude to the training.
  • You cannot disparage Brian Gibbons or his companies on social media, for example, BiggerPockets, Facebook, You and other social media platforms.
  • If you're frustrated with your success, talk to me about it, not other people.
  • Be honest with yourself as far as your shortcomings, and know that all challenges can be improved on with practice and persistence.

As a one on one coach I take great pride in helping my students increase their abilities to LEARN REAL ESTATE INVESTING and make money and avoid mistakes.

I would prefer you to have a license now or to at least be willing to get a license in the next 3 to 6 months.

Please have a reasonably good credit rating and have no legal issues as far as an arrest record which will prevent you from getting a real estate license.

This offer for 50% discount is only open to one person. After this offer has been given, this most probably will not be offered again.

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