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Hello everybody, I'm looking to get started in real estate investing through wholesaling here in mobile. I was wondering if investors are willing to work with me to once I find great deals. I'm not looking to take advantage of anybody I just want to find deals and assign them at a FAIR price for everyone involved. If anybody is interested in mobile and surrounding areas please let me know. Thanks!!!

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@Gisele Blum Hello, thanks for your interest in Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas. It's going well, sort of slow but I expected that. I have my first property under contract right now. I'm working on a second, which is a duplex, so hopefully it moves a little faster than this house I have now.

You posted 17 days ago and are under contract and working on a duplex. I wouldn't say that is slow ! I live in Miami and finding properties that cash flow is difficult to say the least. I know that in your area there are more possibilities. I look forward to maybe working with you in the future. Good luck !

Lol I guess not when you put it that way @Gisele Blum lol. I actually just moved from Miami at the end of February. I think Miami is a great place to be though, maybe you should expand your radius. Miami is HUGE and full of sharks lol. Mobile is small and has a lot fewer sharks or people willing to think outside the box.

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