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Have a seventeen unit project in Polk county Florida that needs immediate attention.

Full financials here

Private lender backed out at the last second, and I need this deal funded ASAP!

Amount needed : $500,000

As-Is : $850,000

ARV : $1,300,000

Exit Strategy : Refinance to my institutional lender once deed and financials are seasoned.

Direct line is below -8661, office is -8660. Call me direct with any questions.


Ben...interesting deal.  I have a couple of questions.  Do you have a special connection with Lake Wales?  I see you are from Sarasota and are investing a lot in Lake Wales.  Question 2 is who is doing your property managment in Lake Wales.  I have some money partners that might be happy with 8%.  I could pass this deal on to.

Lake Wales has had some nice Multi family deals lately. I am looking at an apartment building there Friday that seems attractive.

@Tim Davis - Sent you a private message

@Kyle Bethune - Lake Wales has had some phenomenal deals in the last few years!! I currently live in Sarasota, and own more units in Polk county than I do in Sarasota/Manatee! 

Hey @Benjamin Pekarek ,

This looks like a potentially hot deal, and we are always looking to fund more projects in FL.  I'd love to see if Glassridge can help you close on this transaction.

I'll send a direct message to follow up. 

Depending on the scenario, we can close in as little as a few days, but the average is more like 1 - 2 weeks. Either way, our goal is for your deal to close so we always work as fast as possible, especially considering your time crunch.

Feel free to reach me directly via any of the contact info in my signature for a faster reply.



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