Looking for a lender to acquire/rehab strip center/office bldg

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Current asking price is 700K, ARV is 2mm, approx rehab cost 500K. I expect rehab to take 9-12 months, would refinance after rehab.

This property consists of a strip center and an office building in southern New Jersey.

Arjav, maybe we can help here is a sample of our products:

Commercial Real Estate Bridge to Permanent Loan

Most commercial real estate property types:
Min loan size $500,000
Bridge from 8%.
We can facilitate perm exit

Let me know if this is what you are looking for, if not give me some idea of the terms and type of loan you are looking for.

Reggie Truss

@Arjav Parikh

This is something we would be interested in talking about.  We could potentially do up to 1.2M (60% of the 2M).



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