Looking for long term financing for large portfolio

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I am purchasing a 292 unit portfolio of multifamily properties in Louisville Kentucky and looking for long term non recourse financing. Minimum 10 year rate lock, 75-80% LTV. Many of the properties are contiguous. Fannie/Freddie loans could possibly work for this, as this package would qualify for a VLI program.

Does anyone have products that fit this need?   



We have several products that could be a fit including Fannie, Freddie or Portfolio.  Up to 80% LTC with ability to roll in rehab/capex.  Most of the agency loans we do are 10 or 12 years fixed.  You can see some of the programs at www.strongercapital.com/loan-programs.  Please give me a call at 469-458-0600 or email me [email protected]