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I want to change my family and my culture cycle! Coming from Louisville, KY I don't really know or come in contact with people that own property. Personally no one in my family own any property. I want to change that! I want to be able to provide a stream of wealth for the generations after me that carry my last name (Barbee). I'm looking for a mentor in Saint Louis, MO that is willing to talk business and also a helping hand in getting me started with wholesaling in real-estate investing? 

Hi Martez,

1) Go to your local REIA or investors meetings and start with networking with folks there. Don't be afraid to let folks know you are new and don't know anything yet....close to 80% of all the other folks there will be in the same boat! ;-)

2) Also, be sure to get educated on investing fundamentals (through BP or elsewhere).  The two largest pieces of investing fundamentals are understanding and communicating with people (sales skills) and understanding how financing works (so you can take advantage of both traditional and creative financing).

3) Most Important....MAKE MASSIVE INDISCRIMINATE ACTION!  The most successful investors whether new or experienced take action in a way that most others don't!  Keep taking action until you get results that payoff...and then don't stop till you hit your goals.

Best of luck finding a local mentor!  

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