Put your money to work for you! and become a passive equity partner with a group of 16 seasoned investors, wholesalers and Turnkey Rental Properties providers in Buffalo NY and the surrounding area. together we made thousands of real estate transactions we have bought houses, rehabbed houses, sold houses, rented houses and managed houses.

What is equity partner?

Equity partner, will invest money into properties in exchange for an ownership percentage. The ownership in the properties allows you to participate in all aspects of property ownership. You typically receive in accordance with your ownership percentage a return on your investment that includes cash flow and appreciation etc.

What we do?

We buy (Cash only) on a daily basis 1-4 units - We buy houses way below market value, from $1 (I am not joking, see picture below of 83 Box street - 2 units) all the way up to $250,000.

We buy properties, off the market, on the market, auctions, motivated sellers, wholesalers, foreclosures, non preforming notes and banks etc..

What is the sources of our funds, to buy, fix, rent, manage and sell ?

From passive equity partners only!!! -- NO loans from banks, private money, hard money, GAP funding, bridge loans or any other source --- all of the above is a big NO NO NO and again NO -

Our passive equity partner always have the first lien position and has priority over all other claims against the properties.

To whom do we sell our finish products?

We sell to passive investors from all over the world, active investors, wholesalers, homeowners, on the market and off the market etc. (Many times we flip the properties "as is" without even using $1 from our funds)

Please see example post of a JV (Joint Venture) property that we are currently selling - 2184 Clinton Street, Cheektowaga, NY, 14206 - 4 Units - 15.07% Cap Rate

We bought 2184 Clinton for $44,000

Rehabbed for $35,000

ARV = $190,000

We are selling for $148,500

What we are looking to raise?

We are looking to raise $1,000,000 from a equity partner - The minimum amount from a investor should be not lest then a $250,000

"Our own skin in the game too"

What is our goal?

Our goal is to minimum double the money in 12 months.


In this offer of JV Partnership our group is taking a much more, bigger and larger RISK then our JV partner*.

Here is a short list of what Buffalo Group brings to the JV partnership table: !!!!Our skin in the game, big time!!!!

1. We pledge free and clear real estate assets as a collateral from day one! (so your money is safe and sound from the start)

2. We are putting our own money in to the partnership fund too.

3. We bring knowledge, expertise, know-how, specialization, skillfulness and many years of experience and seniority here in Buffalo NY

4. In many of the deals Buffalo Group will take 100% of the risk - (See example below*)

5. In many of the deals Buffalo Group will pay the earnest money deposits from their own packets (See example below*)

6. By the exit when we sale the properties to the end buyers, we are also offering a owner financing to the buyer in order to sell faster and easier. This is a very BIG (100%) risk that only Buffalo Group takes and not the JV partner.

7. We will bring to the table of our JV Partnership a minimum of 20 In and out deals.* - That is to say, deals that we will buy and sale with $0 investment from our JV partnership funds.


*Here is a live example that is happening this days: 487 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14204 It is a 4-plex with 2 separate buildings on the same lot, this property is still under construction and will be ready in about 90 - 120 days, the Owner is spending around 75k only on renovations including new roof, windows, floors etc. this property will probably bring in gross rent $2,700 a month.

The owner want for the property $145,000 - when it will be ready in 2-3 months.

We want to put it under contract for 120k-125k -

The $12,000 earnest money deposit and the risk will come from our packet and it will be our 100% RISK

The plan is to sell the property to a passive investor as a turnkey Rental property for 155k-165k

Total investment from our JV partnership funds will be $0 - Total risk for our JV Partnership = big 0 --- (But you will still share the profit)

Total investment and risk for Buffalo group = $12,000

If you are interested please email now for more information- Please include your name, your email address and your phone number. Text or email: 716-266-6599 // [email protected]