Seeking partner for flip

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Hi guys,

I've been reading and listening to BP Podcast for a few months now and educating myself.

I have a full time gig in a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to learn more about house flips. I'm going to attend the monthly REI meetings in my area and have met some fellow BPers over coffee and it's been a good experience.

I learned from Brandon Turner that partnering with an experienced flipper by providing cash and maybe credit to flip a property may be a good route. I'm seriously considering this route however I wanted to ask the community if anyone had success taking this route, will very much appreciate your guidance here and pitfalls to avoid.

Happy to meet for coffee or lunch (on me) in the weekends to connect and learn from an experienced flipper that can spare an hour to help a fellow BPer. I will pay it forward once i become more successful, promise.

Thanks in advance guys!

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