Seeking a partner & mentor with an experienced investor in DC

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Hello BP!

We are new REI in the DMV area. We are seeking to launch our business in early 2018. With that being said we are looking for an experienced REI in the Washington, DC area to be a mentor and possible partner. Please reply to this ad or PM me if interested.

Best Regards

@Kristen Ray

Hey Kristen. Welcome to REI in the DMV.

Have you been to any meetups or REIA's in the area? There are several good ones and you may meet the JV partner you're looking for. BWI has one of the largest in the country, Exit Bennett Realty does one at the Greenbelt Marriott first Monday of every month and the Deals Meetup at National Harbor (Harborside hotel in Oxon Hill) is having a Coat Drive for homeless on 12/6.

Here's a flyer.  I hope you can make it.

Happy investing


@Stephanie Potter Thank you for the information! I will google these organizations and see what I can find. One of the (many) keys to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I fully embrace that concept and look forward to networking and getting to know other REI like-minded individuals.

@Lane Kawaoka Thanks for responding. I had a deal in DC that I wanted to act on. However, I was unable to find a partner at the time. We are still looking for partners for suture deals. 

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