Naked Mailers

Naked Mailers are created using white, pink, or yellow tablet style lined paper which is produced to imitate a personalized handwritten letter. They are then folded and tabbed. The mailing information is then printed out the outside panel of the paper. Ditching the envelope allows us to minimize your cost while maximizing your return on investment!

Naked Mailers

With prices as low as 45¢ each (using BiggerPockets promo code), you are able to mail many more pieces at a much lower price!

Your message can be read in red, blue, or black ink or a combination of multiple colors. We will work with you to create the right marketing letter for your business goal, one that gets results.

Using the Custom Template you can also use a variety of type-fonts on your Yellow Letter.

Yellow letters have been tested again and again with the same great results that experts have come to enjoy from their campaign each time.

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