Acquisitions Specialist- Sales Superstar-Help us Grow!!! Wa State

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Don’t even respond unless you are the best and can prove it.

First year expected earnings of $60K if you’re average, $100K if you’re good, $200+K if you have the drive and talent to be the best. Dedicated superstars can Double earnings by year two and won’t stop there.

Position is with our exceptional, innovative and highly regarded real estate investment company. We hire star performers, not backgrounds. Young or old – if you have the stuff, we’ll know. Will train someone who has everything we want. No base salary, but commissions create huge financial rewards to get you up to and past those 6 figure income targets each year.

Must be fantastic at connecting with prospects, building relationships that create referrals, and earning the trust that closes sales from a cold start. Must be highly self-motivated, a terrific presenter and communicator, and a smoking hot closer.

Will have the support of a tremendous team, top of industry marketing, extensive training and well established procedures to maximize achievement.

Come build your own empire with our first rate progressive company, that is beloved by its customers and associates. We have a superb reputation and need real stars to secure the best transactions.

If you are one of the stars we’re looking for, please inquire to: [email protected]

Include a brief summary of why you believe you are a Sales & Acquisitions Star.

This position is for someone who resides in Washington State. * Please note- it does not include Kitsap County*

Job Posting Details

  • City: Lynnwood
  • State: Washington
  • Remote position: yes
  • Company: Key Property Solutions LLC
  • Experience: Please see posting
  • Skills: Please see posting
  • Benefits: Please see posting
  • Full time

Hi Jenny, 

This looks like an interesting and mutually beneficial role. I'm currently employed, but love REI and currently work as a Business Development Manager in the Technical Staffing and Consulting Industry in the Greater Seattle Area. Is this something I help you with part time? I've sold millions in staffing services and solutions over my 6 year career and would be able to add value to any business looking to grow their bottom line. Check out my LinkedIn profile if you would like to know more about my background, and let me know if you'd be open to a call to discuss further.




Hi Jordan, 

Just so I am clear, are you asking about the job for yourself or offering recruitment services?


Would be for me. 

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