I can mentor you on the most efficient way to use direct mail in order to increase your deal flow for your real estate pipeline. Learn what works and what to avoid that will kill your response and conversion rates. If you need some help getting started, I can guide you and send you things like a direct mail game plan, checklist of things to prepare to increase your chances of success, scripts on how to talk to different types of sellers, software to use for your real estate investing including customer relationship management (CRM) software, templates for your direct mail, contracts, calculators, etc.

For mentorship, make sure to shoot a message with information on where you are in the process with your direct mail. It's important to say where you are so I can provide the right advice for your situation. No need to reply to the thread.

I've mentored many new wholesalers/flippers to successfully start their marketing or increase their deal flow. Although this is free, I don't just coach anyone. I've helped a lot of people so I can tell who the time-waster talkers are and see who are the ones that take action to get results.