Two townhomes for $120k total!

These are two identical 2/2 1110 sqft townhomes near St. Augustine/Bruton Rd. in SE Dallas. The town houses are in good shape overall, with newer roofs (covered by HOA), fresh paint, newer HVAC, and newer carpet. The tenants do have a few minor gripes, but nothing a handyman couldn't solve in a day! Potential rents are $850/mo, so even with the $130/mo. HOA, these will cash flow nicely!

Price: $120,000 for both! ($58K for 2177, $62K for 2215)
Rehab: Handyman touch ups/tenant turnover--maybe $10K total for both units...max!
NPO: $150,000
Rents: $1470/mo. (current, with one paying $795/mo. until 5/2019, and one paying $675/mo. month-month)

HOA is $130/mo for each townhome