Cash out refi lenders

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Hello all, I have a duplex in Michigan i bought with cash and am looking to brrrr it, rehab is just starting and I have owned it for a couple weeks now. Looking for a lender to cash out refinance, also should note that I live out of state. I would like to refi as soon as I am done with rehab.

I'm currently working with Old National Bank out of Grand Rapids on a 4 plex that I will be brrr'ing and I'll refinance that after rehab is complete and new tenants are in at market rates. This is my second deal with this bank as they have competitive rates and easy to deal with, I've been very happy so far. 

Looks like your property is in Fremont so it's close. 

Let me know if you want their contact information. 

- Brock 

I’m current doing a refi now out of state and Huntington bank has been awesome to work with. Pm me if you want  details. 

A number of lenders will do the refi. I work with a few select lenders here in Grand Rapids: Treadstone, Mercantile, Compass.  PM me and I can send you the Loan Officer details.