Looking for a mortgage of $250,000

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Looking for a mortgage of $250,000 the home on Zillow is valued for $340,000 it's a beautiful contemporary Style three-bedroom 2200 square foot home in West Bloomfield Michigan 48324, one and a half acres, on a beautiful pond, walkout basement, Circle driveway, terms are negotiable asking for 4 years 8% payments of 1666 per month.


We can provide the funding you need, so long as it's a non-owner occupied property. Please call or text me at (305) 607-2104, or send me an e-mail:[email protected]


Try using business lines of credit vs mortgages for your real Estate deals.  People we manage investment property for find it to be better.

 Call me At (225)238-3923 for details on funding for your next investment property or Click below to QUALIFY ON LINE NOW:


We split the monthly note 50/50 with partners as well as the profits from fix and Flips we manage.

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