Need Rehab Loan on 10 & 18 unit Multi-Fam in MO

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Thanks for looking! I am a broker for 18 years and former lender in the LA area. I consider myself well versed on all sides pf the closing table, have fixed and flipped many homes in the L.A. area and have owned all across the country over the last 16 years. Looking for financing on two deals that are next door to each other!  

One is a 10 unit and the other 18 units.  

10 unit:  Please note that BP does not have a field in their calculator to finance in construction costs so I would in fact want to roll that in and prefer to have payments deferred during the rehab period.  Acquisition + Rehab = 275K

18 unit:  Pretty much the same as above however the loan here would be approx 400K - 300k acquisition + 100k in rehab.

Please message me if this is in your wheel house OR if you know someone who would like to partner with me on these!

Hey Natalia,

We're a national CRE Mortgage Brokerage working with a pool of 100+ lenders for Perm loans, Rehab, Bridge, cash-out refis, ground up construction, and some lenders for very large CRE developments.
Would love to connect to see if we can present you with something competitive! What's your preferred email? I can send you over our product sheet and let you know what we need in order to get you a quote within 24-48 hrs.

Thank you very much!

Marty Johnston

[email protected]


Cash Wizard Capital would love to provide the funding you need for your fix-&-flips.

Please call or text me at (305) 607-2104, or e-mail me at [email protected]

I’d appreciate the documentation you have on your deal via e-mail.


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