Quite your 9-5 job..Learn how to house hack using Airbnb for FREE

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Our FREE Airbnb short term rental training will show you how to use Airbnb house hacking to quit your 9-5 job.


My wife, Heidi, and I are offering FREE training on starting an Airbnb business. In the coming weeks, we have are putting together some FREE training info. This training will be designed around your questions so make sure to put your questions in the COMMENTS below.

We will also be sharing some our best strategies on how we, in little over a year and no experience in STR, built our Airbnb short term rental business from $0 to earning $14,000 per month and Airbnb's first top designation in the Charleston area as an AirPlus host.

If you would be interested in learning more click the link below to sign up and share with people that may be interested.


Job Posting Details

  • City: Charleston
  • State: South Carolina
  • Remote position: yes
  • Company: HAM LLC
  • Experience: None
  • Skills: Good talker helps
  • Benefits: none
  • Benefits: unlimited
  • How to apply: Click the link
  • Part time
  • Full time

HI,  I'm interested in learning about Airbnb - I'm also wondering if there's a catch to the "free" training.  Thanks   Murlie 

Hi There, I'm interested as well, but like Murlie Keller said (there's a catch for "free' training).

I am interested.  Please tell me more.


Also interested.  Tnx

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