Collect $2,388/month - 5 Unit Apartment Building in Anderson!

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Can you provide pictures of interior? Are there any repairs required to get the pro forma rent value? Any pending repairs at all? It is not fully clear whether or not the property is 100% occupied as the descriptions show different info. Can you send more info to [email protected]? thanks

Hi Olu,

Sure thing. I'll send over the executive summary, comps, and photos in just a moment. 

Sorry for the confusion. A tenant was moving into the 3 bedroom while we were putting this document together and I think we missed adding that detail to the executive summary. 

Only one unit, the efficiency, is vacant at this time. Owner tells me it will need new carpet, paint, a new toilet, and floor covering in the kitchen. He's currently using it for storage. 

All other units are occupied. 



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