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My name is Jim McCabe, I am an Indianapolis area flipper. I am looking to grow my list of private lenders. I have a project I am looking to fund currently and there always seems to be something right around the corner. I have put together a credential sheet, sharing details about previous flips, numbers and pictures. Send me a PM here for a copy or more direct contact details.

Additionally, I am wrapping up a flip which will list early next week. I am happy to show it off to any potential lenders curious about the quality of work I do.

Montrell Brown

P23 Finance, LLC



  • Minimum FICO 600
  • Close in 7 Days
  • Same Day Terms
  • Rates as low as 8%
  • Up to 90% LTC
  • 100% Rehab
  • 13 Month Term (No Pre-Payment Penalty)

Hi Jim,

I own Ziproperties a real estate website that works with private money lenders. Please register on my website by going to www.ziproperties.com if serious about getting private money for your real estate investment properties.

Look forward to working with you soon.


Eric Radecki

Ziproperties LLC

Norwalk, CT 06851 

Hello Jim,

We help our member property owners to include investors just like you nationally.  If you are working under an incorporated business entity or willing to start one, we have a better way to fund your deals.

Try using our business lines of credit and borrow from yourself.

Looking forward to being of service,


Alex Hamilton Jr

Phone: (225) 238-3923 or visit www.hamiltoninvestmentschdo.com


Please click the Link above, watch our video and apply on-line now. Remember we help Tote the Note on investments in "special Need" housing we manage. Also, we welcome Co-Singers and Business Start-Ups.


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