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Good Morning BP Family!

My name is Jay and I am a local wholesaler in the Iowa market. I specialize in finding off market add value property and typically work with absentee, probate, pre-forclosure and homes owned 20+ years with high equity. The market is a bit slow from the perspective of MLS listings however we are having great luck with our response rates through marketing! I would love to help you guys find your next slam dunk deal. Shoot me a message through BP directly with what you are looking for and we can get started on hunting for your next investment.



Good afternoon Jamaal,

Thank you for reaching out and my apologies on the 6-month delayed response. First of all, congratulations on your marriage and on the arrival of your baby! Being a father is the greatest gift a man could ever get!

I am fairly new to the REI game myself and like you have the goal of achieving financial independence through real estate. A little more about me, I am originally from eastern Iowa and have been back in the DSM area for about a year now. I have two boys 3 & 8 months whom are the reason for my pursuit of Financial Freedom. Experience, we have completed one flip and have one rental property in our portfolio.

I just read your post about wholesaling deals, we tend to gear towards single family and small multifamily (up to 4-units) that we can add value and either flip or hold when analyzing deals. We did just put an offer on a 24-unit last week, but typically would like to stick with the single family & small multi-family deals. So please let me know when you come across some!

My background is construction, I have been in the industry both on the residential side and commercial side since I could walk. Analyzing, designing, and creating scopes of work is something I enjoy doing along with getting my hands dirty on renovations. I do many masonry, carpentry and tile side projects on the weekends and evening so if you and you know of anyone that needs assistance please let me know.

Thank you again for reaching out Jamaal and please let me know if there anything I can help you out with in your journey as well!


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