Seeking a CPA Tax Professional In NYC Area

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Hi All, I am looking for an experienced and creative tax professional. I want to make sure that as I grow my investments in both real estate and other strategies, I am maximizing my tax efficiency. I'm really looking for someone who invests in deals and has direct experience in applying their tax strategies in their own businesses. My financial situation is pretty straightforward currently but I am planning to ramp up my non-W2 income in the coming years. Ideally this person will also be able to advise on how the tax implications of different investment strategies may affect the net return to me as I consider alternatives.

Please reach out if you are, or if you have a strong recommendation for me!



@Mark Pedroza I haven't been active enough on BP recently (tax season doesn't help this!) and appreciate your tag getting me back here. :)

@Eric Roth Glad to connect with you. 

@Eric Roth

I am a CPA based out of NY and I am able to help with your situation. I will be sending you a private message.

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