Looking for long term financing on a small apt building, in MN

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I have a 9 unit building under contract and looking for competitive financing.   If you know of a great company to work with or you are a loan maker send me a note and I will contact you. 

Hey Robert,

I can do these as an outright purchase with 20% down. Rates starting in the 5's. If you have some Rehab to do, also, we can do 90% of total Project costs! Either way, quick closings - within 2 weeks.

Get me an application and I'll have you some definite answers withing 24hrs! (no ssn to apply)


Hello Robert ,I'm Eddie Reid of Erfinancial we are a nationwide commercial mtg brokerage firm,we can provide financing  for you,we can provide up to 80 percent financing for you,if your loan amount is under 250,000,we  can lend in the 6 percent area with a buy down,on a 5/1 property or7/1 arm ,for loan amount s over ,500,000 rates are in the 4 to 5 percent area, with ltv of 80 or 75 percent

Robert, did you ever get your financing?  If you are still looking, check out our alternative programs for financing real estate.

 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Investors, potential Investors and all business owners for your interest.  I.e.,  Selling 3 Bedroom 2 Bath for $42,000, needing$10,000 updating if we do it.  After rehab value is $110,000. Profit $58,000 or live in yourself.  Become a partner in affordable housing... Its would be a smart decision to partner with HIPCO to help you on your journey as you "level up" your business and Investing,  while helping others as you help yourself along the way! ("HIPCO") Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing Development Organization Click below to qualify.

https://nationalcc.wufoo.com/forms/hamilton-investment-properties/ or Call (225)238-3923

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