Non-Performing 1st Note - Baldwinsville, NY - $41,000 - $84,900 B

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BALDWINSVILLE, NY - 1st Position - ID #58821

Original Note Date 06/18/2008

$53,276.88 UPB @ 7.26% $350/mo

$84,900 BPO June 2018

Purchase Price: $41,000

To Complete NDA and view transaction details with collateral file (docs, servicing notes, payment history, BPO, title, etc) you can visit

Please note, this is neither an offer to sell any security or an offer to purchase any security. Nothing in this communication is intended as legal or specific financial or investment advice or intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. If you require legal or specific financial or investment assistance please consult your own attorney, financial planner or Trustee for legal or financial advice.

Originally posted by @Ronald Starusnak :

I think that BPO is really high. Who did the BPO? 

Hello Ronald,  The BPO was done by First Valuation, a national provider.  We definitely encourage people to perform their own due diligence including updated BPO and title.  You are welcome to login to the platform and download the full collateral file including a copy of the prior BPO and title.  Seeing the comps they used would probably be helpful to your analysis.  It is free to setup a user account to view the collateral file.  Thanks, Tracy

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