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Question for everyone.

Feedback on this toll free number, website address and logo design please

1) Toll Free Number 1-800-SELL-4-CASH

2) Web Addresses (just address site isnt there)


3) Logo Design



I'd go with web address B as most people say "One eight hundred"... I think they'd type it in the name. I don't think anyone would type the dashes so I'd avoid those.

I prefer logo A. The .com is more visible giving the dual meaning (website and phone number) more clearly.

I would buy all of the domain names similar so that someone else doesn't try to copy you.
However, i would pick the second url if only choosing one.

Web address and logo design B are my choices.

Who did you have design the logo options if you don't mind sharing??

I agree with Nathan & like the green color on logo A. Very nice

The telephone number is freakin Awesome!

As for the logo, I like both of them, but prefer A.)

Domain no dashes. If you capitalize the first letter of each word you still get the effect of breaking up the words.

Logo design B but I like the green house around 4 better.

I used for several logos and have been very satified

Either of the web addresses without dashes.

BUT - it's not an either-or thing. Whichever one the user types in, they can both resolve to the same site. Or to a 3rd site that's named something completely different. So pick the one that you think is better for your marketing but know that you've got them both (and maybe others) in the Big Net.

I think the logo with the green box is snappier and more memorable. With both scrolled off the top of the page for the last 90 seconds where I can't see them, I don't remember what the non-green logo looks like.


My preferences, for what they are worth:

Design A - I like the additional color and the overall design better - keeps it simple and avoids the dashes

I like but I'm sure you will use both and have one redirect. I like logo A the best by far because of the green house. A lot more POP.

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logo B there's reason people don't remember it. They accept it. Add the website in underneath the logo on a business card etc because even if it looks like people should get it - someone won't.