How to generate consistent off-market leads and get more closings

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Off Market Deals - From Lead to Close - How to generate consistent leads and increase your closing rate

Finding off-market leads can be extremely difficult to do and be quite expensive. But how do you find these leads and how can you help ensure that they turn into an actual closing. I'm talking about a CHECK!

I've been a real estate agent, investor and worked in real estate investing for over 15 years and I've seen the good the bad and the ugly.

Join myself and Donny Coram - real estate mentor and coach, for a Free Training Session as we introduce our Fool Proof method: From Lead to Close. During this live training we're going to discuss:

  • How to find off-market leads
  • How to comp the deal and determine an accurate ARV quickly
  • How to estimate repairs and determine your Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)
  • How to determine your exit strategy
  • How to market the property for wholesale
  • And much more...

The majority of investors are making mistakes all throughout this process. This leads to lots of wasted time and money. And sometimes you're actually jeopardizing your very own reputation.

You do not want to do this. Your opportunity to succeed in real estate investing has a small window. Every mistake is a setback and is a big reason why so many investors do not make it in this business.

Register Now! Thursday at 8PM EST:

Privy is currently available in: CO, DC, MD, VA, PA, DE, MN, Central TN, Greater LA, Dallas / Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Raleigh / Durham and Indianapolis.

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