Are you looking for potentially motivated sellers in the Buffalo, NY market? Would you like fresh leads hand sourced and delivered every week to your inbox? My rates are reasonable and the data quality is second to none:

Housing Code Violations: These violations can be issued for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

* Structural damages to the home.
* High weeds and grass.
* Junk vehicles on the property.
* Excessive garbage and debris on the property.
* Health hazards.
* Other nuisances.

These aren't to be confused with old aged data and are "live" leads meaning the events are happening now versus something that happened weeks or months ago. 

100% of these are off-market properties and a substantial portion of these code violation leads reflect absentee owners.

I add extra value to my leads:

  • All properties will be verified as off-market.
  • You will only receive leads that reflect the types of properties you are seeking to purchase.
  • Estimated values will be verified.

I can also check for back taxes owed, depending on your preferences.