REIkit 7 tool software system AND a Website in ONE subscription!

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Hi Everyone,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of online house flipping and wholesaling software system, based out of Los Angeles. Today I wanted to talk about our newest lead capture feature: Investor Websites.

REIkit Websites

When you choose to build an website, you don't JUST get a website. You get access to all of these incredible features that are completely integrated:

  • Contacts CRM
  • Premium Data for Comps and After Repair Value calculations
  • Loan History Information
  • Rehab Estimation
  • Deal Analysis
  • Deal Reports
  • and more...

Here are the details on the Websites:

  • Create a complete real estate investor website in just two button clicks
  • Be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) from the start to get you ranking on Google, with search-optimized text that speaks to your distressed seller
  • Use your own domain or our subdomain
  • Build unlimited landing pages inside your website
  • Responsive -- your website and lead forms adapt to different browsers, phone screen sizes, and desktop machines. Hugely important if you advertise on mostly mobile social networks like Facebook
  • Seller lead capture form integrates with the Seller Leads CRM
  • Wholesalers, advertise your Deal inventory right on your website

Check out what your Website can look like here:

For more details, or to start a full-featured free trial of Websites and all of the integrated tools, click on this link today:
Any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them...

PS: Curious about our company? Thousands of real estate investors have used our software to evaluate over 90,000 properties, improving the efficiency of their deal due diligence, for more investments, and more profit!

Hey @Kathy Cooper

We definitely need more links on the websites product page to pricing etc.

Pricing can be found linked from the home page and directly here

Thanks for the feedback!



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