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Hi all! I’m an investor in SF and in need of a commercial broker referral in the Tallahassee market. Currently looking to invest in multi family properties: 50-150 units, $4M - 20M PP

Multi family apartments only, no retail/office space

@Tiffany Pascual I spent 12 years as a commercial real estate broker in NW Florida. I specialized in sopping centers and retailers so I’m not a good option for you and I’m not sure of a Multifamily specialist actually in Tallahassee specifically. I would however recommend two apartment investment sale brokers that are active in the Tallahassee market, but don’t live there. David Monroe out of Mobile AL or Beau Beery out of Gainesville. If you want someone local then I’d reach out to Brian Messer in Tallahassee.

Hey thanks for clearing that up, John. It’s funny I am also interested in both markets your contacts are based out of - I’d love to connect with them. You can send any contacts you’d think would help to my email [email protected] 

Thanks again, John. You are a gentleman and a scholar! 

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