Ep. 407: Playing in the NFL to tackling Cash Flow Real Estate and the Cannabis Space with Hakeem Valles

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Hakeem Valles is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and a retired 3-year NFL veteran. Hakeem had a 3 year NFL Career with the Arizona Cardinals, The Detroit Lions, and The New York Giants. Congruently, Hakeem has been investing in Real Estate for the past 7 years. He currently owns 13 units across 3 states. Hakeem also speaks on digital media, real estate and financial literacy at top Universities and conferences across the Country.

The massive takeaways from this show:

How to transition successfully from one career to the next

Seizing opportunities when they arrive

Using a real estate focus in the Cannabis space

Finding cash flow as a backbone to financial security

Building your own personal brand

… and much, much more!

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