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Steven Libman is managing member of Intergrity Capital Group and is currently developing

1193 self storage units a total cost of $14mm and is under contract on 100k sq ft of storage

development, closing June of 2019 with an estimated total cost of $12.5mm. In 2018 Integrity

Capital closed on Hawkeye Towers a 294 bed student housing complex in waterloo Iowa for

$10.6mm, and assisted in syndicating the purchase of Eagle Village in evansville Indiana,

a 511 bed student housing complex at the University of Illinois for $12.75mm.

How to create win-win partnerships

Why you need systems in any business

How to use scale in your business

What to look for with in an operator

Why dive into syndication

… and much, much more!

Connect with Steven at [email protected]


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