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Deferred Sales Trust Fees? How much does a deferred sales trust cost? What are the fees ongoing and setup for the deferred sales trust?

There are 3 sets of fees that are involved in the Deferred Sales Trust

1) Attorney one time

1.5% of sales price up to $1,000,000

& 1.25% of sales price $1,000,000
Tax and Legal Structure
Includes Audit Defense for the life of the trust
Includes working with CPA to properly report your personal tax return
This fee is tax-deductible at the trust level.

This is a conditional fee based on an engagement with the law firm that will do all the legal work and create the deferred sales trust structure. If the client does not complete their transaction and use the Deferred Sales Trust- there is zero fee owed to anyone. Thus this is no upfront fee. No risk and no obligation for the seller.

2) Annual Recurring:

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Trustee Fee: Typically .5%

& Financial Advisor Fee is typically .5% to 1%....depending on the net proceeds into the trust.

3) Amin, Bank, Tax Return & Mark to Market Report Fees - all fees are paid by the trust

Tax Return $1,200 range +$250 Mark to Market Report Fee

Sunwest Bank- Irvine, CA - Direct Access Control Agreement- Bank Account Fee of $1,500 Per Year

*most trusts earn 8% net of all annual recurring fees; including set 2 & 3.

All of the above includes:

White glove CPA/Tax Attorney Access -(Bring your trusted CPA) (Education and Blessing)

Transparent 24/7 access to view account with real-time online updates

DACA Sunwest Bank Account - Escrow has all the funds, all the time. Ensures Funds are protected and only move with your signature

White glove Seamless Transaction Coordination

White glove Professional Banker Direct Access Customer Support

Professionally Prepared Tax Return Service for your Deferred Sales Trust with 55+ year old CPA firm

Access to some of the Top Wealth Advisors in U.S.

Lifetime IRS DST Audit Defense with #1 Installment Sale Law firm in the U.S. with 100% successful track record

Law firm Lifetime Indemnification with $20M E&O Insurance Policy

BONUS: Access to a professional network of attorney's who can provide Living Trust and Estate Planning Services

Are you interested in becoming a deferred sales trust expert? This is an introductory video in a series for the deferred sales trust and how it compares to the 1031 exchange.

I take you through the simple, step by step process of why the deferred sales trust changed my life and the life of my clients. This will give you an intro you need to follow in order to properly aware of the deferred sales trust and understand what is a deferred sales trust.

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Most high net worth individuals struggle with capital gains tax of 30-50% of their gain when they sell their business, primary home or investment real estate. We use a deferred sales trust to help them gain tax deferral, freedom, liquidity, diversification, eliminate the need for a 1031 and purchase investment real estate at optimal timing with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth.

⚠️Your deal is too crucial to take a chance on.⚠️

Is the deferred sales trust legal?

✔️24-year track record
✔️14 ZERO change IRS audits
✔️2000+ Deferred Sale Trust Transactions closed
✔️Never had a single change to any audits with IRS

What if the IRS audits your deal? We have you covered there:

✔️Attorneys provide audit defense

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I want you to better understand how you can benefit from a deferred sales trust, so you can make more money when you sell and have more freedom with your time.

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Deferred Sales Trusts are not a recent invention. In fact, they are over 24+ years old (the IRS Section tax code known as IRC 453 predates from 1920's and is known as a, "seller carry back" or "owner financing." ) The simple principles of the deferred sales trust are from this original IRC 453 tax code and are the foundation we still use today. In fact, with the 14 successful IRS audits conducted and completed for the thousands of deferred sales trusts closed it’s important to understand where we come from, so you can feel secure for where you will stand if you move forward. I guarantee this video lesson will help you gaining clarity for your tax deferral strategy.

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