Have you ever considered starting a property management company? I started Real Estate Solutions (RES) back in 2008 and I've done the hardest part for you! By the hard part, I mean the establishment and creation of all the systems, processes and methods in order to be highly efficient and highly profitable in property management.

Monthly recurring revenue is the holy grail of making money.  

Making money while you sleep, making more money each year than the year before, not being tied to the office, or having your income tied to what you do hour-by-hour of your day -- these are normally the promises of a pyramid scheme!  In my world, they are the reality of running a property management company. 

If you have given any thought to becoming a professional in the most stable, most profitable area of real estate, please check out this article and reach out to me to see if we have a franchise available in your city.  https://resrents.com/thoughts-...