The 7 Day Real Estate Survival Blueprint:

How to Create $10,000 Out of Nothing in Less than a Month

Ryan Enk takes 15 years worth of experience becoming financially free with real estate and condenses it into a highly potent 7 day battle plan. In this book, he reveals the hidden mindset, skills, and strategies needed to go from having nothing to having the freedom to pursue your passions and interests, not just for this month, but for the rest of your life. He shows you the EXACT steps he would take, the EXACT things he would do, by the HOUR for 7 days, in order to be financially free.

This book is for EVERYONE. If you don't know a single thing about real estate, you will be blown away. But even if you have experience, money, and great credit, this book will hyper accelerate your real estate investing income. The famous football running back, Barry Sanders, used to say that if you want to get fast, practice sprinting up hill. To the experienced investor, this book is like practicing sprinting up hill. When you hit a level playing field, you'll be faster at getting from A to B. In this book you will discover all of the secrets and shortcuts that even experience real estate investors don't know:

-How to find out the best areas to invest in your town without having to do a market analysis. -

How to find an unlimited amount of money to invest without using banks. -How to uncover real estate deals $10,000 to $100,000 under value without having a real estate license, paying for marketing, or having access to the MLS.

-How to get more offers accepted than anyone else.

-How to get multiple paydays on any real estate transaction, and more.

You can get the book on Amazon for $17 or you can get it for free at All you have to do is cover the minimal shipping costs.