Hi Future/Current Millionaires,

Our team has been working over the last few months, and we are excited to announce Real Cash to our investors here.

Real Cash (www.realcash.app ) helps investors automatically analyze over 450,000

properties and sends emails every week with positive cash flows ( we calculate the cash flow based on your financial settings, mortgage payment, rental income, property tax, homeowner's insurance, 1% maintenance fee, and HOA dues if applicable).

When we first started out, analyzing rental properties for cashflow was very time-consuming and tedious. We had plenty of excel sheets with numerous data across multiple cities and an online calculator to calculate the cash flow. We could only find 1 or 2 positive cash flow deals after hours of analysis. This was a huge pain for us. We built the Real Cash app to solve the problem we faced and in hopes that it will help investors like you to save tons of time and focus on deals with positive cash flow.

Sign up today to start receiving positive cashflow property deals nationwide every week. It only takes a minute to Sign Up!